Doggy Wheels
Used materials





You could use some better material, you know...


    Various materials are used for making wheelchairs. Strollers are mostly made from plastic and aluminium (Al) pipes of different diameters and thicknesses depending on the weight and size of the dog.

   The construction is fixed with appropriate straps depending on the size of the dog, and locked with plastic buckles.

    Bags for back legs are made from a variety of synthetic or natural materials. For specific types of wheelchairs, we use light milled steel bars for shaft and axial reinforcement. And at the end, we place children stroller’s wheels.

Lately we make trolleys of aluminum tubes and wheels that are used for bicycles. All in all, the wheelchair for dogs between 10-15 kg weights 500 to 1000gr.


   Depending from needs and dogs behavior, wheelchairs are made with vertical or angled sides. Wheelchair wheels can have a common axis or each wheel can have its own axis, in which case the dog's feet can move freely when the dog is in a wheelchair.

   Bak the dog has specific needs. He needed something similar to baby walkers, that could enable him to stand on his legs and walk around with no help, after one year of not moving. We make trolleys on demand and the needs of your pet: dogs, cats, rabbits and other.