Doggy Wheels
Construction methods and making dogs’ wheelchair


No strollers…
just pull my ears

With gratitude Milena Dimitrijeviæ

    We are witnessing more and more cases of health issues, accidental or intentional injuries of our beloved pets and their street buddies, where most of them suffer from partial or completely back leg disabilities.

I had this misfortune, to watch my dog troubling to get to me just to say hello, by pulling back of the body over the floor, and creating nasty bleeding wounds. On the internet I have found numerous dogs’ wheelchair web stores, but I faced with two problems: - Price of wheelchairs is from 200 USD and more (shipping transport were not included, which amounts nearly the same) and Delivery is not possible for Serbia.

With no easy solution, I left aside programming and web design, and returned to my original profession as mechanical engineer. From materials available I made first wheelchair for my beloved pet.

The joy was mutual, and to be more accurate, beside Mice (the pet) and me, my solution and functionality of hand - made wheelchair thrilled out our veterinarian Milan (animal clinic Spina), who start to recommend me and wheelchair as a solution to his patients with these needs.

Beside recommendations, people stopping me in the streets, ask for information and ordering wheelchairs, so slowly small business was started.